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What is the difference between
Swiss made, Swiss Movement & Swiss Parts watches?

Swiss Made (usually labeled on the front dial)

A watch is considered Swiss, according to the Swiss law if:

  1. its movement is Swiss and,
  2. its movement is cased up in Switzerland and;
  3. the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland
Quality wise, a Swiss Made watch is of an extremely high standard and priced accordingly.
Swiss Movement

A watch movement is considered Swiss if:

  • the movement has been assembled in Switzerland and,
  • the movement has been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland and;
  • the components of Swiss manufacture account for at least 50 percent of the total value, without taking into account the cost of assembly.

If a watch movement is intended for export and will not be cased-up in Switzerland, but it otherwise meets the criteria to be considered a Swiss movement, the watch may say "Swiss Movement" but it may not say Swiss Made on the watch case or dial.  A Swiss Movement watch may be assembled elsewhere with other parts such as casing, needles, glass, bracelet or straps made in other countries.

A watch that says "Swiss Quartz" is considered to be a proper Swiss watch. However, it is often improperly used by foreign manufacturers to merely indicate that the quartz movement is of Swiss origin. A Swiss Quartz may not necessarily be Swiss Made and probably only has Swiss movement in it..

A Swiss Movement watch may not have the same quality as a Swiss Made watch as it is mixed with parts from other countries although the movement is Swiss, Swiss movement watches are also cheaper than Swiss Made watches.

Swiss Parts

The watch consist of parts which have been manufactured in Swiss (because they are one of the largest manufacturers of watch parts in the world). The movement may have been assembled , cased, inspected in other countries and swiss parts only form a small portion of the watch components. There is no assurance of the Swiss watch making quality unlike Swiss Made or Swiss Movement watches.

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